Kimberly Cole Trowbridge

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Painting is how I stay awake. It is how I cultivate and arrange my thoughts. It is how I come to understand the relationships between things, through rhythm and color.

I gather information from the visual realm and compose the parts into an articulate expression of my experience. This is the practice I have developed through painting. I use this method both on and off of the canvas: I paint images, construct theatric installations, layer video footage, compose music, and perform my body through space all through the language of painting.

Over the past several years, I have developed the technical facility necessary to travel and paint directly from nature. My most profound recent discoveries are made through this act of plein-air painting. This is where I cultivate a deep and sensitive awareness of color interaction. Standing in nature, mixing my palette, and responding to color is a full-body experience for me. It is a portal to a greater, pre-lingual understanding of the connections between things, and my response in paint is a choreography of color notes. I consider these plein-air works my “primary documents,” and I use them in the studio to help me calibrate my colors while I construct my larger, panoramic studio paintings. These larger paintings are a collage-like combination of multiple views and experiences. The re-creation on larger canvases allows my body to be wholly involved in the dance-like composing of the scene.

Art Zone: Kimberly Trowbridge
Bellevue Arts Museum: Physical Memory
Neddy at Cornish Finalist