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The Trowbridge Atelier

The Trowbridge Atelier is a 1-2 year program that takes place at Equinox Studios, in Georgetown, Seattle. The program begins in mid-September and ends in mid-March, with an option to extend into the 3rd, Spring quarter. Students work alongside Trowbridge on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from the life model; Fridays are for independent studio development. Lectures, demonstrations, group and/or individual critiques occur on a regular basis.

The Trowbridge Atelier is designed for artists and students that have some experience with figure drawing and/or painting, and are ready to begin the exciting journey of developing an individual body of work, under the guidance of an experienced, contemporary artist. Students will rigorously engage with Color Theory, Figurative Oil Painting, Collage and Mixed-Media Drawing— all in the service of building a personal, visual vocabulary to develop a unique body of work.

Pre-Requisite: Color for Painters, taught by Kimberly Trowbridge during Fall quarter at Gage Academy on Friday mornings. This course can be taken concurrently with student’s first, Fall term of the atelier.

How to Register: Please call the office at Gage Academy of Art, (206) 323-4243, or email Carol Hendricks, Adult Programs Director, for information.

: MAY 7-16, 2017

Plein-Air Paint with Gage Atelier Instructor Kimberly Trowbridge in Portugal’s Alentejo in the spring of 2017! The 10 day adventure is based in the fortified hill top village of Marvão, 3 hours east of the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, with a final day and night in Lisbon. Participants will paint on-site with Kimberly in different locations in the region, creating multiple landscape studies based on the natural palette of the surrounding environment.

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Color for Painters:
Fall Quarter, Friday Mornings, Gage Academy of Art

Color for Painters is a hands-on color theory course for oil painters. Students learn color mixing and palette organization strategies, and how to apply that knowledge to observational studies. Working from colored-paper constructions, students greatly improve their ability to perceive color relationships and to create equivalent analogies with oil paint. Students build a strong working relationship with color in terms of value, temperature, and intensity.

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2017 Workshops:

Figure Collage: Value & Temperature
3-Day Workshop, January 6-8, 2017

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In this 3-day workshop students will collage directly from the figure model with an elegant palette of prepared papers with walnut and sumi ink. This foundational workshop will focus on the planar changes of the figure with value and temperature to create the illusion of form and the quality of light. Students will develop a dynamic composition with multiple figures.

I offer Collage workshops on a yearly basis. In these workshops students learn the rigorous, analytical, and extremely creative technique of collaging directly from the figure model with assorted, cut paper. I use this method in my own studio practice and it has profoundly influenced the way I think of shape, form, and the process of building an image. I consider collage to be the conceptual and practical eye-opener for students of color theory and painting.

Figures in Context: Secondary Triad
2-Day Workshop, March 11-12, 2017

In this 2-day workshop, students will learn develop a larger oil painting of multiple figures within an interior environment. Using a lush, secondary-triad palette, develop layers of space within a dynamic composition. Geometry and structure will be emphasized as the underpinning forms for exploring color theory with value, temperature and intensity.

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Plein-Air Panel Prep

Collage Prep