Kimberly Cole Trowbridge

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Presented by 24HR MART, in Twisp, WA

RECEPTION: Saturday, September 9th, 6-10pm
GALLERY TALK: Sunday, September 10th, 11am


and by appointment, contact:

24HR MART is thrilled to exhibit a series of large-scale oil paintings by acclaimed PNW artist, Kimberly Trowbridge. Trowbridge is passionate about perceiving color relationships in nature and approaches the painting process as a means for self-discovery. As an artist-in-residence at 24HR MART, Trowbridge spends her time collecting color “data” from the landscape in the form of plein-air paintings. She describes the process of painting from nature as a way of “calibrating [her] senses to a particular, prismatic tune.” Her plein-air works become the documents of this “tuning” process, and she uses them to inform the development of her massive, in-studio paintings.

In addition to being a masterful painter, Kimberly is a performer, a song-writer, an installation artist, and a mentor. She is the director of the Trowbridge Atelier through Gage Academy of Art, in Seattle. She is well-known for her ability to articulate color concepts in a direct and poetic manner that engages students in the process of analyzing and responding to observed color. She explains her painting philosophy with a quote by Matisse: “I do not paint things; I paint the differences between them.”

Trowbridge leads plein-air painting retreats in the Alentejo region of Portugal, and in Twisp, WA. She has discovered a sentient portal between these landscapes, experienced through the color calibration of their parallel palettes. Through this process, she has realized the potential for an infinitely connected landscape of her cumulative and non-linear experience. Her large studio paintings are the exploration and synthesis of this discovery.

In Prismatic Optical Phenomena, Trowbridge presents a series of paintings that combine data from multiple landscapes including Twisp, the Oakridge Forest in Oregon, and her own backyard in Top Hat, Seattle.

Please join us Saturday, September 9th, 6-10pm for the artist’s reception. Snacks, drinks, and music provided! Additionally, join the artist and arts writer, Jim Demetre, for a conversation in the gallery on Sunday, September 10th, 11am.